When it’s time for a mid life crisis and you love your Husband and your job, this is what you do  – buy a bloodmobile and convert it into a cabin on wheels. We also have a Facebook page click here for the Facebook Group 

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  1. Saw your bus come through High Springs, Florida today. Loved it and know that the name Clara Belle has a lot of history with Americans. However, a British traveler told me who Clara Belle was on the Howdy Doody show.

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    1. We were up at Stephen Foster Cultural center. We loved it and we plan to stop in at High Springs soon. Yes Clara Belle is from Howdy Doody. My inspiration for the name came from two of my favorite heroines. Clara from Lonesome Dove and Claire from Outlander. And Belle because she’s a southern girl!


    1. We are off to Blackwater State Park! Be careful out there, traffic was crazy! Thanks for the kind words. We think Clara Belle and the adventures she takes us on are beautiful too!


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